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Strong + Full Of Hope Bracelet
Strong + Full Of Hope Bracelet

Strong + Full Of Hope Bracelet

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  • Strong + Full Of Hope Bracelet

God often allows us to endure heavy storms in order for us to learn and grow in Him. In the storm, rather than asking "why God?" what if we asked "what is God teaching me through this trial?" Whatever storm you are facing, be still and know that there is purpose in your pain. Our God turns beauty from ashes. To suffer for His namesake is an honor. Endure until the end and press into Him. He strengthens the weak and stands alongside them. He is with you.

"But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me." 2 Timothy 4:17


Tiny tag with verse reference attached to end of bracelet

7" + adjustable

Comes with coordinating pouch + card pictured.

14kt Gold Plated Chain over stainless steel

Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, + Tarnish Resistant